Once upon a time there was a thing.

What thing you ask? Well, if I told you now there'd be no point in telling you anything now would there?

Shh! I don't have time for your silly questions! Just listen! Listen, or there won't be anything to listen to!

Where was I? Oh, yes!

Once a upon a time there was a thing, a nameless thing. It lived everywhere and nowhere and exerted power over much of the universe. For you see, it was there at the creation of all that is, and so it ensured that a tiny piece of it was present in all things that would come to exist. In time its power was so strong that even the titans and gods realized that it could not be left unchecked. So they did what they always do, they went to lock it away. But, you see, it could not be caged in any normal place for it was not a normal thing. It didn't even take a physical form!

So gods and titans alike, from across all pantheons went to sleep. And in the realm of dreams they found the strongest resonance of it they could and rooted it in place within a cage of their own making. It writhed and hissed in agony, even attempting to escape. But it was to no avail. The keys to the cage were not mere actions, but celestial and pre-ordained. The gods and titans won, for a moment being allied against a single foe.  

Unfortunately even in its prison it was still able to reach the world, for as you well remember a part of it was in all things and will be until the end of time. But it is a clever thing, this unnamed being, and it decided it would wait patiently.


When the titans broke loose from their prisons, it seemed all those set to guard against the unnamed found themselves otherwise occupied. There were far more tangible threats at their doors, and it wasn't fated to be set free until the end of the world anyway.  Besides one had heard a peep in nearly a millennium. It was probably asleep, driven to a coma by boredom.

Rattle Rattle 

But… but if you look closely you can hear it. The rattling of the cage. The sound of something trying to break free. The signs are there if you just look. Look closely and you'll see the path before us. The one that goes over a hill we cannot see past! No, stop looking now, and listen! We're past that part! Listen! Listen! Listen….

Do you hear that?

The rattling?

Where's it coming from…? 



Cage of Dreams

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